Pennhurst Asylum--January 2010

What started as a photographic project, meant for my own creative exploration, evolved into something much more. My intentions are not to profit from these photos, but to bring Pennhurst and it's unsettling history to the masses. I hope to raise awareness about the unethical and inhuman treatment which was inflicted upon the patients of Pennhurst, and also inspire people to educate themselves on the history of Pennhurst State School and Hospital.

This collection of photographs are a tribute to those who were patients of Pennhurst State School and Hospital. The photographs are also meant to be reflected upon in remembrance of the atrocities which took place while Pennhurst was in operation. Reflecting upon this reminds us of what some people are capable of doing to another, and it should teach us the value of life.

Recently, in order to show in some public places, I had to price my photographs of Pennhurst. It should be known that if any of these photos on display and/or any of my other Pennhurst photos were to sell, the profits will be donated to NAMI or ARC


© 2010 Frank Giammatteo