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Frank Giammatteo--4.2010


Visual Artist and Graphic Designer, Frank Giammatteo, was born in 1980 within the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Hussian School of Art in 2003, and has amassed over ten years of experience in the Graphic Design industry. In 2008 Frank decided to pursue fine art professionally, since he has always had a lifelong passion for artistic pursuits. When he was younger, he enrolled in a Commercial Art program where he discovered that he had a fond relationship with Graphic Arts. Originally he wanted to become a professional in the fine arts; however, his direction changed and he continued to study Graphic Design. His diverse skill set has allowed him to apply innovative ideas to his fine art. Frank enjoys exploring his creativity in many different ways, and sharing that passion with many people. His impetus comes from observations of common objects and individuals he comes in contact with on a daily basis. Overall, he is particularly interested in people, and observing the complexities of nature. Presently, Frank is working as a Freelance Designer and is constantly developing future projects. He also curates and organizes quarterly exhibits at Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA.

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