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Last Updated: 10-26-2009

Where the Wild Things Are, the movie

Where the Wild Things Are Poster Where the Wild Things Are Poster

This past weekend, I watched 'Where the Wild Things Are'. I thought it was an outstanding take on the children's book. Spike Jonze, well done. You can really feel every bit of this movie, happiness to sadness, loneliness and so on; (well, I can't speak for everyone). Whether or not it's a kids movie solely relies on the child and the parent.Totally for the generations who grew up on the book. This film took six years to make! The elaborate full-body Wild Things suits were created by the Jim Henson Creature Workshop. This was on Jonze, as he opted not to rely solely on computer graphics. Excellent choice! Jonze hired artist Sonny Geras to reinterpret Maurice Sendak’s original illustrations. Several teams helped to bring these memorable characters to life in Spike Jonze's treatment of Where the Wild Things Are. I recommend seeing this one, but keep an open mind. Try not to compare the movie to the book as many critics have done.

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