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Last Updated: 08-07-2009

The Cashore Marionettes

Joseph-Cashore, The Cashore Marionettes Joseph-Cashore, The Cashore Marionettes

There is no feeling which can compare to the sensational performance of
The Cashore Marionettes. I was introduced to Joseph Cashore work through
his nephew, which is a friend of mine.  I attended a show in the late 1990's.
After that evening, all of the marionettes life-like movements had been
burned into my mind. I speak of them as if they were alive.
At that moment, I felt they were alive.


As a young boy, Joseph Cashore created his first marionette from clothespins,
wood string and a tin can. After graduating from collage Joseph made second
marionette. Remembering the marionette which he created as a child, he thought
he would try to construct a puppet that could imitate the sensation of life.
Since 1990, Joseph Cashore has been performing full-time all through-out
North America, Europe and Asia. He has received several awards for his
contribution to his profession and his accomplishments as an artist.


I strongly suggest attending The Cashore Marionettes. It is a
spectacular and deeply moving performance.


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