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Last Updated: 07-20-2009

8Static--July, 2009

A.R.Y (the birdbrain) A.R.Y (the birdbrain)
Starpause Starpause
Animal Style Animal Style

Nothing less than amazing night!
The July 2009 8Static started off with a LittleGPTracker workshop by Starpause, followed by an open mic session, with unbelievable performances from all who volunteered. Major eye-popping and mind-blowing visuals were presented by CHiKA, accompanied by Paris Treantafeles. It didn't stop there, the insanity continued with an epic performance by A.R.Y. (the bridbrain), Starpause and Animal Style. A truly great crowd, and laid back atmosphere. Thanks to NO CARRIER (aka Don Miller) for curating 8static, a monthly chip
music event presented by the Hacktory.

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