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Last Updated: 11-26-2008

Talent imitates, genius steals

I believe that there are may shades of gray when it comes to this quote, though it is a good one cause there is more meaning then some may think. Possibly swiped from Oscar Wilde, who said: "Good writers borrow. Great writers steal, while also been attributed to Piccasso, who said Good artist imitate, Great artist steal. Some say it means to look at the work of others and try and understand why people enjoy it and learn from that, and not foolishly ape the style and/or likeness. Others agree that it refers back to a postmodern view of culture, an idea that culture is simply an aggregation of sources. But postmodern expression is also characterized by an ironic self awareness and use of representation that expresses the elusiveness of true meanings. As noted by Faris' on talent imitates and genius steals, "a kind of nudge and a wink to the reader or viewer". I would also like to add that the blog post Faris' on Pseudo-Modern Communicaions is amazing. Then there are the few which just use this quote as a moral guideline, plagiarizing the work of others. After compiling my findings, It was really intriguing to review other peoples interpretation and/or meaning of the quote. My first impression was irony.

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