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Last Updated: 05-04-2012

Art Exhibit, Steel City Coffee House--2.2012

Steel City Coffee House Art Exhibit-Q1.2012 Steel City Coffee House Art Exhibit-Q1.2012

Showing the First Friday of February through May 4th

Artist Reception on Sunday, April 29th 1-4 PM

*This exhibit is open to the public with free admission during normal business hours of the coffee house; Free admission does not apply to most performances and/or events which require admission* The artwork is displayed throughout the entire coffee shop, so grab a cup of Joe, and view all the amazing work.

Featured this exhibit :

-Katrina Kiefer

-Michael Reimer

-Gregg Nixon

-Alan Allum

-Michelle Anderson

-Jonathan Pinkett

-Monty Milne

-The Jack Miller Collection:

Konstantin Bokov, Arnold Wood
and more

Curated by Frank Giammatteo

Steel City Coffee House
203 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, Pa

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