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Last Updated: 05-04-2010

Currently Listening To--February 2010

Blank Dogs - Under and Under Blank Dogs - Under and Under
Blank Dogs, Masked Blank Dogs, Masked

This prolific one-man Brooklyn, NY based band roars and rocks so hard that they've been known to make children cry with their sheer rockness! His music displays killer sounds of analog instruments, synthesizers along with tons of feedback, while carrying a superb melody with is voice. He's usually covering his face with surgical masks, flannels and sheets; which looks awesome as hell. If you're a first time listener, check out 'Setting Fire To Your House' or 'No Compass'. Blank Dogs has existed since the mid-70's and he possesses a very large discography which consists of cassettes and so on. It can be difficult to track down all his work. Check out his 2009 release 'Under and Under'.

Give a listen to both and enjoy.


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