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Last Updated: 08-12-2009

Airbrush Painting Reemerging

Syd Brak, Long Distance Kiss Syd Brak, Long Distance Kiss

Airbrush painting was once a well-known craft among graphic designers,
illustrators and fine artists, which was used to create highly rendered and
realistic images. The artist Frederick William Heine, (1845-1921) was
probably the father of realistic airbrush painting, but the artist who stands
out in my mind is Syd Brak. Brak was one of the most influential artists of
the 1980’s. He perfected a technique which allowed him to create some of
the most iconic images of that decade. Brak’s airbrush paintings for Athena
publishing group became an overnight sensation and In 1982 his poster,
Long Distance Kiss was a top selling poster in the world. Brak has produced
work for many companies, including Coca Cola, Guinness and Levi’s.

Recently reemerging, the craft of airbrushing is now being reintroduced to the
world through trend leading clothing company Print Liberation, as a stylish
one-off and urban artists such as Berlin’s El Bocho and Montreal’s Zek.

At one time familiar with the craft, I am looking forward to seeing what
direction some of the work goes in. I just hope that there is not a boom
in the industry, which produces slew of street venders selling heavily
decorated tee shirts... Or made that is the next trend. I didn’t say
heavily decorated was bad...


Last Updated: 08-07-2009

The Cashore Marionettes

Joseph-Cashore, The Cashore Marionettes Joseph-Cashore, The Cashore Marionettes

There is no feeling which can compare to the sensational performance of
The Cashore Marionettes. I was introduced to Joseph Cashore work through
his nephew, which is a friend of mine.  I attended a show in the late 1990's.
After that evening, all of the marionettes life-like movements had been
burned into my mind. I speak of them as if they were alive.
At that moment, I felt they were alive.


As a young boy, Joseph Cashore created his first marionette from clothespins,
wood string and a tin can. After graduating from collage Joseph made second
marionette. Remembering the marionette which he created as a child, he thought
he would try to construct a puppet that could imitate the sensation of life.
Since 1990, Joseph Cashore has been performing full-time all through-out
North America, Europe and Asia. He has received several awards for his
contribution to his profession and his accomplishments as an artist.


I strongly suggest attending The Cashore Marionettes. It is a
spectacular and deeply moving performance.


Last Updated: 08-10-2009

Currently Listening To--August 2009

listener-supported, SomaFM listener-supported, SomaFM

I have been long time listener of SomaFM. I have a few stations which listen to nonstop.
New this month is "Suburbs of Goa" A Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.
Also available now is "E*Pop??? " Electropop and indie dance rock with sparkle and pop.
Both excellent additions. Thanks SomaFM!

Please remember SomaFM is entirely listener-supported. Your financial
support to keep them on the air. Please join the thousands of other
supporters who make SomaFM's broadcasts possible.



Last Updated: 07-23-2009

Electronic Ambient Mission Control Broadcast

In celebration of space, SomaFM is broadcasting an electronic ambient
mixed with the Apollo 11 Rebroadcast and Live Shuttle coverage.



Last Updated: 07-20-2009

8Static--July, 2009

Animal Style Animal Style
Starpause Starpause
A.R.Y (the birdbrain) A.R.Y (the birdbrain)

Nothing less than amazing night!
The July 2009 8Static started off with a LittleGPTracker workshop by Starpause, followed by an open mic session, with unbelievable performances from all who volunteered. Major eye-popping and mind-blowing visuals were presented by CHiKA, accompanied by Paris Treantafeles. It didn't stop there, the insanity continued with an epic performance by A.R.Y. (the bridbrain), Starpause and Animal Style. A truly great crowd, and laid back atmosphere. Thanks to NO CARRIER (aka Don Miller) for curating 8static, a monthly chip
music event presented by the Hacktory.

Last Updated: 07-17-2009

The Crazies, Remaking The Cult Classic

1973 The Crazies 1973 The Crazies

On my list of top cult classic movies which I'd recommend, would be the 1973 film, The Crazies. Now with all the hype about a remake, I wanted to post the original movie poster.
I am posting this primarily to induce fear into our society, but mostly cause I'd like
people to watch the original.

In the 1973 film, the military attempts to contain a man-made combat virus called
"Trixie" that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected, as it overtakes
a small Pennsylvania town... Enough said.


Directed by: George A. Romero
Screen Play Written by: Paul McCollough and George A. Romero

Just remember, If the crap hits the fan, meet me at the Zebra club...


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