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Last Updated: 09-12-2009

Mad Poets Society, Steel City--September 2009

Mad Poets Society-Artists Mad Poets Society-Artists
Poet, Richard Moyer Poet, Richard Moyer

The lights dim down. A microphone is positioned to the general height of a persons lips. An aroma of freshly brewed espresso fills the air. Chairs squeak and squeal as people find their seats around the room. In the background, people call out their beverage to the barista. Across the room, the host make their way to the microphone and announces the first poet of the evening. It is the first Tuesday of the month, this is the Mad Poets Society of Steel City, Phoenixville, Pa.
Many artists share their work here, whether it be a poem, music form or discussion. Among many others, poet Richard Moyer really had outstanding readings. Musician Dave Spencer performed original music from his band, The Dave Spencer Trio. I've been to a few Mad Poet Society sessions and have never walked away unsatisfied. It's a great evening filled with good company, tasty brewed beverages and stellar performances.

Last Updated: 09-10-2009

Currently Listening To--September 2009

HEALTH - Get Color HEALTH - Get Color

Health, usually typeset HEALTH! HEALTH is a band from Los Angeles, California that found fame by playing multiple concerts for free, leading to a variety of venues requesting to book them. The bands faviorate setting, The Smell is a venue in Downtown Los Angeles, California. HEALTH's experimental noises, raw synth, monotone vocals and thrunderous drum skills that will keep your head nodding and your mind adrift.

Last Updated: 05-04-2010

Etch-A-Sketch Art

Michael Jackson Etch-A-Sketch, by George Vlosich III Michael Jackson Etch-A-Sketch, by George Vlosich III

Etch-A-Sketch was a toy that most of us were familiar with and used as children. Time and time again, we'd try and create images from just the use of a vertical and horizontal knob to move a needle that scraps aluminum powder off of a transparent plate. But, Artist George Vlosich III stuck with it. After seeing the Etch-A-Sketch work of Artist George Vlosich III, I was blown away! Vlosich puts from 70-80 hours of work into one piece and often starts over 5 to 6 times. He is featured in museums, galleries and ships his work all over the United States. Check out the links below for more information of George Vlosich, how he started, his earlier work and his process.

Gez, be sure not to drop that while you're in the middle of a project...


Last Updated: 09-04-2009

Lego Sculptures

Nathan Sawaya Lego Sculpture Nathan Sawaya Lego Sculpture

Artist Nathan Sawaya creates some of the most breath-taking Lego sculptures. Watch a video on Nathan's work below.


Last Updated: 09-04-2009

1980, LegoLand Police Ad

1980 German Lego Police ad 1980 German Lego Police ad

Here is a playful German LegoLand Police ad, from Lego. Though marketed toward children, Legos are a great way for anyone from any age group to enjoy and explore their creativity.

Last Updated: 08-18-2009

An Unlikely Weapon (2008)

Unlikely Weapon Unlikely Weapon

In 1968, Eddie Adams photographed General Nygoc Loan, a Saigon police chief who shot a Vietcong guerrilla point black. Some often mention that the photograph brought the end of the Vietnam war. Eddie received fame and a Pulitzer from the photo, but he had also become hunted by the lives destroyed that day. This stunning documentary truly shows you the world of photographer Eddie Adams.


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