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Last Updated: 12-14-2009

Currently Listening To--December 2009

Beach House - This image may be subject to copyright. Beach House - This image may be subject to copyright.

Lately, I have been listing to a lot of Beach House. This dynamic duo is composed of Alex Scally on guitar and keyboards and Victoria Legrand on vocals and organ. Their eire, yet attractive sounds send your mind adrift and . Beach House caught the attention of many listeners with their 2006 self-titled debut album 'Beach House', which was included in Pitchfork's Best Albums of 2006 list. Many are currently awaiting the January 26, 2010 release of their new album 'Teen Dream'. You can hear their new single 'Norway' and another excellent track 'Apple Orchard' via the links below. Enjoy.


Last Updated: 11-12-2009

Group Art Show, Steel City Coffee House--11.2009

11.2009 Steel City Group Art Show 11.2009 Steel City Group Art Show

Featuring artwork from MetalHeartedHuman* and many more talented and inspiring Artists. Showing November 1st through January 30th. Feel free to stop by the show ANY TIME between these dates. This show is open to the public and is accessible during the cafes normal business hours. All the artwork is displayed throughout the entire coffee shop, so grab a cup of Joe, sit back and relax. Hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Maryann Worrell and Steel City Coffee House for supporting the local art community and making shows like this possible.

Last Updated: 10-26-2009

Where the Wild Things Are, the movie

Where the Wild Things Are Poster Where the Wild Things Are Poster

This past weekend, I watched 'Where the Wild Things Are'. I thought it was an outstanding take on the children's book. Spike Jonze, well done. You can really feel every bit of this movie, happiness to sadness, loneliness and so on; (well, I can't speak for everyone). Whether or not it's a kids movie solely relies on the child and the parent.Totally for the generations who grew up on the book. This film took six years to make! The elaborate full-body Wild Things suits were created by the Jim Henson Creature Workshop. This was on Jonze, as he opted not to rely solely on computer graphics. Excellent choice! Jonze hired artist Sonny Geras to reinterpret Maurice Sendak’s original illustrations. Several teams helped to bring these memorable characters to life in Spike Jonze's treatment of Where the Wild Things Are. I recommend seeing this one, but keep an open mind. Try not to compare the movie to the book as many critics have done.

Last Updated: 10-24-2009

1956, Build my Gallows High Cover

1956-Build-my-Gallows-High-Cover.jpg 1956-Build-my-Gallows-High-Cover.jpg

1956 Gold Medal 563 Paper back, Build my Gallows High by Roy Benard Sparkia. Cover art by Mitchell Hooks.

Last Updated: 10-07-2009

Get Well Soon Masks™


Whether you're in the middle of a major break out of N1H1 -aka the Swine flu- or you're just a germaphobe, Studio Samira Boon's Get Well Soon Masks™ has many different masks to help lighten everyone's mood in a world wide pandemic. So cheer up, all is not lost.



Last Updated: 05-04-2010

Jim Henson's Fantastic World--September 2009

Jim Hensons Fantastic World Jim Hensons Fantastic World

This show was simply amazing, filled with sketches, screen printed posters film, activities for both children and adults and of course, muppets! It turely felt as if I was in Jim Henson's world. You really got to know who Jim was how much fun he had with his work. A lot was shown, from his early commerials -funny-, to Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal and The Muppet Show. In addition to having his work on display, a great video biography was presented, as well as an extensive amount information on his work. I felt like I could have spent all day there. I was really taken by Jim's short film "Time Piece" his commercials, which I found really funny. There are some many things that I learned about Jim, just by viewing his work alone. I would highly recommend check out Jim's work, his legacy and his extraordinary creativity.

Organized by The Jim Henson Legacy and the Smithsonian Institution, The Henson family, Jim Henson Co., The Muppets Studio, LLC, and Sesame Workshop. This amazing exhibition was made posiable by The Biography Channel. Additional support has been provided by The Jane Henson Foundation and Cheryl Henson.


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