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Last Updated: 12-20-2008

1946 Thrilling Wonder Winter edition

1946-Thrilling_Wonder 1946-Thrilling_Wonder

Ah! Thrilling stories of science, forgotten worlds and other dimentions. All these stores and more for a measle 15¢ each... WHAT, 15¢! do you have any more!

Last Updated: 12-18-2008

Bravo! The release is upon us.

a-bucket-of-blood (1959) a-bucket-of-blood (1959)

Justin is hackin away on the final part before our release of mhh. Much more is in store down the road. New projects, tutorials, portfolio section alterations, and a bunch of other updates. After this is out, we're gonna get together a have a few drinks.

Last Updated: 01-23-2009

New-ish Camera

Agfa Cameras Agfa Cameras

Here is a Camera that I found  digging through my parents old electronics. I've been using it here and there, soon I will have photographs to share with all.

Last Updated: 12-16-2008

When science had a purpose

Chemcraft Outfit Packaging Chemcraft Outfit Packaging

Experimenter today, Scientist tomorrow! That's right kiddies to can be a scientist too, with this cool little Chemcraft Chemistry set. Just don't turn the cat green...

Last Updated: 02-23-2009

1906 International Automobile Exhibition

International Automobile Exhibition International Automobile Exhibition

A German advertisement for the 1906 International Automobile Exhibition in Berlin.

Last Updated: 02-23-2009

1920's Audi advertisement

Art by Joseph Rudolf Witzel Art by Joseph Rudolf Witzel

A German Audi advertisement which looks to date back to the 1920's. An excellent execution by Joseph Rudolf Witzel,

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