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Last Updated: 02-06-2009

Currently Listening To--January 2009

Dirty Album Cover Dirty Album Cover

I consider Sonic Youth one of the most prolific musical bands of our age.
If you're a first time listener, I recommend Dirty.

Last Updated: 01-20-2009

Work in progress

FrankGiammatteo©2008 FrankGiammatteo©2008

While in the studio filling a new chase with sorts, I asked Ulla if she would join me in a little print session. It was such an awesome time. We stayed up so late printing these creative type based prints. Here are some shots, but keep in mind we're not finished. Enjoy.

Last Updated: 01-14-2009

Entropa: EU art installation

Europic Art Installment Europic Art Installment

Installed in one of the bloc's main buildings in Brussels, this 172-square-foot controversial art installment titled Entropa was unveiled to mark the sixth-month Czech presidency of the EU. This art was supposed to have been produced by artists from each of the European Union's 27 member states, but in fact it was created by one artist, David Cerny. Czechs embarrassed by EU art installation, now leaves them with a decision whether to remove the installation.

The artist, David Cerny, had mentioned that he wanted to see if Europe could laugh at there self.

Purely genus, simply amazing and it should be left up.
There was once a time when some folks felt the same way about certain painting, which were unveiled.


Last Updated: 01-12-2009

Public Release!!!

nuclear_bomb nuclear_bomb

Welcome to the public release of Metal Hearted Human. Know that you may come across bugs here and there; this is just the nature of releasing a new site. Please feel free to post your suggestions, comments and/or bug reports in the Feedback section, located on the right side of the screen. Over the next few months you will see many updates occurring as we develop the site publicly. It’s been an awesome time so far. With so much of our time, hard work and energy going into mhh, We are excited to bring the site public and let it live on the web. Now Justin and I are gonna get a few drinks. Enjoy.

Last Updated: 12-23-2008

Beginning Science

Science_Book Science_Book

The how and why... That is what it all about.
when in grade school, science was one of my favorite subjects next to art.
This book cover reminds me of all the step-by-step illustrations which I would get lost in, all while trying to put together a balsa wood car.
Such a great inspiration for any illustrator.

Last Updated: 12-21-2008

Hip baby, hip...

occhiali-glasses-1965 occhiali-glasses-1965

Very colourful, very chic, 1965 Occhiali Glasses. Your asking yourself, where can I get a pair?

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