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Last Updated: 02-06-2009


Vintage Monchhichi Vintage Monchhichi
Classic Monchhichi Classic Monchhichi

You may remember Monchhichi, or you may not. either way, You can plainly see that there is no real need for too much improvement. Monchhichi has and always will be cute. Ulla picked-up this bibbed Monchhichi at the grocery store for 6 bucks. Sure enough all the major FAD stores will be selling it for 20 bucks, in about 6 months.
 A link to a TV commercial can be found below.
So many Monchhichis, so little time...


Last Updated: 02-02-2009

Wildwood Postcard

Wildwood postcard Wildwood postcard

A vintage New Jersey, Wildwood post card. Really cool stuff, even though I'm not one for the beach.

Last Updated: 01-30-2009

Protecting Your Work

copyright_page copyright_page

It is essential for any creative individual to protect their original work. Copyright is an option. This is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. This cover both published and unpublished works. You can submit your work through a lawyer and then they will file it for you, but the costs are entirely too high for starving artists to afford.
Another method is to register with the U.S. Copyright Office and submit direct through the eCO online system. This will cost less then hiring someone else.
When I was young, I used to use a method called “poor man’s copyright.” Sending a copy of your own work to yourself via the U.S. postal service. Unfortunately this is no longer a substitute way for registration and  it does not protect your work.
If you have already have copyrighted your work, Creative Commons helps you publish your work online while letting others know exactly what they can and cannot do with your work.

I hope you found this helpful.


Last Updated: 02-06-2009

New piece, Self-portrait

FrankGiammatteo©2009 FrankGiammatteo©2009

This is a self-portrait which I created. It took roughly 2 hours and measures 2x2 feet. There was no grid work involved, no research, no mirror, and no real planing of composition, just memory and emotion guiding the way. I started brushing very freely on board. The next thing I knew, I was finished. I very much enjoyed this session, and look forward to continuing these types of studies.

Last Updated: 02-23-2009

1931 Angus and the Cat, Book cover

angus-and-the-cat-book-cover angus-and-the-cat-book-cover

A 1931 childrens storybook, which was then reissued by Scholastic Inc, in 1980. Story and Illustrations by Marjorie Flack. 1980 cover edition by try-whistling-this. A real fun cover!

Last Updated: 01-23-2009

Silk Screen Prints

FrankGiammatteo©2009 FrankGiammatteo©2009

I have been doing a lot of experimental screen printing, allowing myself to get a feel for the process. I have several ideas which I may apply this technique to.
Keep on the lookout for more work.

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