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Last Updated: 05-08-2009

1963, It Was The Day of the Robot

it-was-the-day-of-the-robot-cover it-was-the-day-of-the-robot-cover

An excellent cover from the 1963 novel, It Was The Day of the Robot.
Story by Frank Belknap Long.

Last Updated: 05-01-2009

Currently Listening To--May 2009

gene_krupa_buddy-rich-krupa-and-rich gene_krupa_buddy-rich-krupa-and-rich

1955, Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich: Krupa And Rich

This session with Krupa And Rich is filled with a fast-paced, playful, an all together exciting sound. Krupa makes his drums drums dance, while Rich's swings with his playful, hard thunderous technique. The two interplay with no real sense of competition. Other musicians in this session consist of  Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge on trumpet, Illinois Jacquet and Flip Phillips on tenor sax, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, and Herb Ellis on rhythm. A great performance and collaboration of these two jazz percussionist masters.

Last Updated: 04-23-2009

Art Tatum Album Cover

art-tatum-album art-tatum-album

Art Tatum album set by Asch Records. Cover art by David Stone Martin.

Last Updated: 04-16-2009

1953, Revere Stereo Camera Ad

1953-revere-stereo-camera.jpg 1953-revere-stereo-camera.jpg

View stereo pictures, like never before!
That's right kiddies! With the Revere Stereo Camera, you can create
awesome viewmaster slides, anaglyph images (red and blue 3D glasses),
and a few other visually stimulating affects.

Last Updated: 04-10-2009

1956, Venetian Night Poster

1956-house-of-art-poster 1956-house-of-art-poster

House of Art poster was created by Ernst Klinger (German, 1900-1962)

Last Updated: 04-03-2009

Currently Listening To--April 2009

mark-price-bad-shape mark-price-bad-shape

Not only is Mark Price an amazing artist, illustrator and
designer, he also composes music.
"Bad Shape" is an album full of beeps, boops, electronic drums, piano,
guitars, vocals and snippets of sounds. A truly awesome album.
It comes packaged with color insert and screen printed disc in plastic sleeve.

I often listen to Marks music when I have to clear my head.
Also a perfect album if you're working like a machine.

Besides his music and other works, Mark has another project
called "CARS WILL BURN". Truly a mind-blowing experience, and an
extremely awesome live performance. I feel so psychotic if I listening for
more than an hour. I'm looking forward to seeing what Mark comes up with next.


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