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Last Updated: 07-17-2009

1963, The Chase Cover

1963 The Chase 1963 The Chase

1963, Richard Unekis' novel The Chase, Cover by Freire Wright.
Two hundred miles of standing corn south of Chicago divide into a grid of gravel roads a mile apart, disparate young criminals and muscle cars, which are now able to out run the economy 6-cylinder sedans driven by police. The novel originally titled "The Chase" was later renamed the "Pursuit" then created into the 1974 cult car chase film "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry"
starring Peter Fonda and Susan George.

This is a well illustrated cover, which displays the run-around  perfectly.

Last Updated: 07-10-2009

1957, Soilax Cleaner

1957 Soilax Cleaner Ad 1957 Soilax Cleaner Ad

Soilax Cleaner for floors, walls and woodwork. From the May 1957 issue
of Good Housekeeping magazine. To hell with  the floors. I would have
bought the box just to put on display.

Last Updated: 06-25-2009

Currently Listening To--July 2009

Feist-Open-Season Feist-Open-Season

Feist-Open Season is a remix and compilation album released by Canadian singer and songwriter Leslie Feist. The remixes on Open Season are of songs from her award-winning album Let it Die. collaborations include: Peaches, The Postal Service, k-os, Gonzales and Kings of Convenience. Open Season is an which really complements her entire body of work.


Last Updated: 06-25-2009

Rose Marie Reid Ad - Date Unknown

unknown date - rose marie reid ad unknown date - rose marie reid ad

This is a really awesome advertisement for Rose Marie Reid: Jewels of the Sea.
Simple but very attractive. Rose Marie Reid (born Rose Marie Yancey) was an American swimsuit designer. By 1946 50 percent of the swimsuits sold in Canada were designed by Rose Marie Reid. In 1955, Reid was named Designer of the Year by Sports Illustrated and Woman of the Year by TIME.

Last Updated: 06-19-2009

Paul Rand tribute site
The work of Paul Rand The work of Paul Rand

Those of you who are not familiar with Paul Rand, he was an American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. He acquired his education at both Pratt Institute and the Art Students League. Paul then taught graphic design at Yale University in Connecticut. He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the logos for
IBM, ABC, UPS, Playboy, and Westinghouse.
The Paul Rand tribute site was created Daniel Lewandowski, and contains a ton of work in the gallery, besides the gallery there is a biography, timeline, portrait, articles by Paul Rand and much more.


Last Updated: 07-10-2009

1978, McDonald's Ad

1978-McMuffin-Ad 1978-McMuffin-Ad
1975-Ronald-McDonald's-Birthday-Club 1975-Ronald-McDonald's-Birthday-Club

1978 McMuffin Ad. I also posted this 1975 Ronald McDonald's Birthday
Club form to show some of the characters.
Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, the Fry Kids aka French Fry Gobblins,
Mayor McCheese, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook and The Professor...
What the hell is Grimace? Maybe the joke is on those who question the
anthropomorphic purple beings existence?

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